One of Australia’s favourite performers, Jonathan Biggins, is Paul Keating – visionary, reformer and rabble-rouser. With an abundance of intelligence and wit, The Gospel According to Paul is a new and anticipated comedy about a critical time in Australian history and the man that shaped it.

Is today’s lack of leadership a product of our times? Or can real leaders shape their times? The Gospel According to Paul answers these questions with a funny, insightful and poignant portrait of Paul Keating.

Written by and featuring Jonathan Biggins, The Gospel According to Paul paints a sympathetic but uncompromising picture of one of our most unique and compelling politicians, exploring his impact on our country and history – and more importantly, our understanding of both.

Jonathan Biggins’ performance as Paul Keating is well known from the long-running Sydney Theatre Company success story, the Wharf Revue. But beyond the canny impersonation, Jonathan, like so many Australians, has long been fascinated by Keating and what he represents to Australia.

Paul Keating is a man of eviscerating wit and rich rhetoric with an ego the size of Everest. Distilling the essence of his leadership into 75 minutes, The Gospel According to Paul focusses on landmark political achievements as well as personal obsessions: a man who grew up in the tribe of the Labor Party and gained an education at the knee of Jack Lang, who treated economics as an artform, and demanded we confront with rigorous honesty the wrongs of our colonial past. And perhaps most fascinating of all, his great engagement with the arts and in particular classical music, and his profound belief in the power of an inner life.

What can we learn from this grand politician, and this momentous time in our country’s history?

The Gospel According to Paul premiered to great acclaim in 2019, and sold out seasons all over the country. Its 2020 tours were interrupted by COVID-19 but it will be back on the road in 2021.

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