Best Trick Ever

(2 x 60 episodes, ABC2)

Australian magician James Galea is on a search for the holy grail of magic…the BEST TRICK EVER. Across this series, audiences will witness some of the world’s greatest magic tricks and meet the fascinating inventors who created them. James also takes the audience into the little known world of the con artist and reveals some of their most inner secrets.

Never before has a show had such access the secret world of magic. The closely guarded, underground world of magic has only ever been witnessed by those with a key to the secret society – James Galea has that key and BEST TRICK EVER takes audiences on a journey to experience the world of magic from the inside – a ride that muggles can never normally witness.

For the first time, audiences are privy to private conversations magicians have never shared – like one of the world’s finest con artists who has never before shown his face on camera, exposing moves and classified artefacts that would land him in a world of trouble…if caught.

Some of the magicians we meet along the way have not only invented magic for the world’s greatest magicians (including David Blaine, David Copperfield and Dynamo) but are legends in their own right.