Band of Magicians

Four of the brightest magicians from across the globe made the radical decision to craft illusions that used their collective talents simultaneously with the aim of creating magic that far surpassed what one magician could accomplish alone. The result was the BAND OF MAGICIANS.

In a world so protective of its secrets, never before have magicians worked together as a team to bring to life their magical creations. This revolutionary and utterly contemporary magic show is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

While the camaraderie of the four performers is strong, so is their competitive streak: each member’s sense of one-upmanship drives the group to create increasingly impossible feats of prestidigitation which together form a unique theatrical experience.

BAND OF MAGICIANS premiered at the Sydney Festival in 2014, and went on to play at Crown Casino in Melbourne in 2015before touring across New Zealand including to the Taranaki and Christchurch Arts Festivals. BAND OF MAGICIANS most recently headlined at the legendary Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas in October 2016.

“truly baffling, hilarious and even strangely moving marvel of a show.”- Time Out

“Band Of Magicians will restore your sense of wonder”- Daily Telegraph

“an extraordinary, fine-tuned performance that will have you wondering for days after” – The Music

” this isn’t your average razzle-dazzle magic show – this is a new breed of abracadabra” – Herald

Mada's Marvels

Mada’s Marvels is an exciting, smart and original production created by Australia’s famed magician Adam Mada. This hilarious interactive show also features Mada’s two young protégés Lucas & Ash who have been making waves in the Australian entertainment scene with their award winning duo act, Cardistry.

In a world so protective of its secrets, never before have magicians worked together as a team to bring to life their magical creations. This revolutionary and utterly contemporary magic show is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Mada and Cardistry delight in reigniting the lost magic tradition of master and apprentice in this fresh funny and fast paced production with a gentle nod to the golden era of grand illusionism.

An evening of Australian magic and mayhem guaranteed to impress, excite and entertain!


This project toured to India in 2016 with the support of the Australian Government through the Australia-India Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Songs of Wreck and Ruin

The cast of cult film The Boy Castaways perform a soaring musical tribute to the lost boys of rock.

From Iggy Pop to Dave Mason, Lobby Loyde to Daniel Johnston, rock music is littered with haunted men, hurling their elegant and melancholic fury at an indifferent world.

In Songs of Wreck and Ruin, three stars of the The Boy Castaways– Tim Rogers, Megan Washington and Paul Capsis – performed the songs featured in Michael Kantor’s beguiling film: haunted anthems that called out to us to walk on the wild side, love hard and remain forever young, including tunes from the likes of the Buzzcocks, Fleetwood Mac, The Psychedelic Furs and The Waterboys. Backed by Castaways composer Peter Farnan, leading a band of Melbourne’s finest, this is an unmissable homage to the musical icons that crafted the emotional soundtracks of our lives.

Songs of Wreck and Ruin was a special one-off performance presented at the Forum at the 2013 Melbourne Festival.


Lying Cheating Bastardis a fascinating story, part mystery, part coming-of-age, part demonstration of the finer arts of trickery. Lying Cheating Bastardfollows the story of the infamous con man Jimmy Garcia aka the Cricket and his rapid rise to the position of the most successful con man in Australia by the tender age of twenty-seven.

The story begins when Garcia encounters one of a veteran con man, a man who will become his greatest mentor and his greatest betrayer. We watch Garcia learn the game and play his marks and develop a talent to play and read cards and dice, to understand any game of chance better than almost anyone in the world.

Garciahas a strategy to win and says, “I always win, always, ‘cos I never go against the percentages, I always control the variables, and I don’t leave anything to chance. Oh yeah. And I cheat”.

Lying Cheating Bastard premiered in Sydney in 2009 and toured nationally in 2010.

A modern morality tale. Funny, humorous and entertaining, without losing its sense of purpose. ABC Radio

A winning performance and impressive demonstrations of mentalism and sleight of hand… It keeps you on the hook, right up to the cliffhanger…taking us out on the required high note. Sydney Morning Herald

A delicious blend of drama and magic was orchestrated to create an absorbing one man show – which was carried brilliantly by co-creator Galea….. Lying Cheating Bastard is innovative theatre that will surprise and leave you wanting more. Brisbane Critiques