Ghost Light.

That magical glow that illuminates the netherworld between what is and what is possible.

A condemned theatre creaks to life and ghosts past, present and future rise and jostle to claim their place in theatrical history.

Watch The Strange Bedfellows raise the roof (and the dead!) on a fantastical journey where mystery, mayhem and music reign. It’s The Red Shoes meets A Night at the Opera as The Beddies join these blithe spirits to bring the laughter, the scandals and the drama back to centre stage in a madcap celebration of all things theatre.

Between the ghost and the light.

Between the past and the future.

Between what is and what may be.

Witness the most ‘haunting’ performance you will ever experience!

Ghost Light is a co-production between Soft Tread and Opera Queensland in association with the Strange Bedfellows

Conceived and written by Jacqueline Dark and Kanen Breen
Directed by Patrick Nolan
Musical Direction by Daryl Wallis
Designed by Anna Tregloan
Developed with the support of Create NSW
Photography by Kurt Sneddon

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“This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW”.