Currently in development with writer/director Michael James Rowland (LUCKY MILES), TAKING TOM MURRAY HOME is an adaptation of the award-winning novel from Australian author Tim Slee.

Bankrupt dairy farmer Tom Murray decides he’d rather sell off his herd and burn down his own house than hand them over to the bank. But something goes tragically wrong, and Tom dies in the blaze. His wife, Dawn, doesn’t want him to have died for nothing and decides to hold a funeral procession for Tom as a protest, driving 350 kilometres from Yardley in country NSW to bury him in Sydney where he was born. To make a bigger impact, she agrees with some neighbours to put his coffin on a horse and cart and take it slow – real slow.

But on the night of their departure, someone burns down the local bank. And as the motley funeral procession passes through NSW, collecting followers as they go, there are more mysterious arson attacks. Dawn has give days to get to Sydney. Five days, five more towns, and a state ready to explode in flames….

TAKING TOM MURRAY HOME is currently in development and is due to go into financing in early 2021.