Lying Cheating Bastard is a fascinating story, part mystery, part coming-of-age, part demonstration of the finer arts of trickery. Lying Cheating Bastard follows the story of the infamous con man Jimmy Garcia aka the Cricket and his rapid rise to the position of the most successful con man in Australia by the tender age of twenty-seven.

The story begins when Garcia encounters one of a veteran con man, a man who will become his greatest mentor and his greatest betrayer. We watch Garcia learn the game and play his marks and develop a talent to play and read cards and dice, to understand any game of chance better than almost anyone in the world.

Garcia has a strategy to win and says, “I always win, always, ‘cos I never go against the percentages, I always control the variables, and I don’t leave anything to chance. Oh yeah. And I cheat”.

Lying Cheating Bastard premiered in Sydney in 2009 and toured nationally in 2010.

A modern morality tale. Funny, humorous and entertaining, without losing its sense of purpose. ABC Radio

A winning performance and impressive demonstrations of mentalism and sleight of hand… It keeps you on the hook, right up to the cliffhanger…taking us out on the required high note. Sydney Morning Herald

A delicious blend of drama and magic was orchestrated to create an absorbing one man show – which was carried brilliantly by co-creator Galea….. Lying Cheating Bastard is innovative theatre that will surprise and leave you wanting more. Brisbane Critiques