The Crew's Ship

The Crew’s Ship is a short-form mockumentary comedy series that revolves around the crew of a ‘luxury’ international cruise ship – Platinum Pacific’s ‘Crystal Blue’. It follows Cruise Director Peter Peterson, a has-been magician now running the Entertainment Department, and his offbeat team of performers, all of whom consider Peter to be a “solid gold, top-shelf moron”.

Nobody with a nice life, a stable family, a great job and a planned weekend Ikea visit decides to work on a cruise ship for twelve months at a time.

This is a hidden world that attracts outliers, the socially awkward, the questionably talented, the psychopathically ambitious, the fiscally desperate and anyone who needs to hide out for a while. Take 2000 people from 25 countries, 9 religions and countless sexual affiliations, then put them in very close quarters with large waves and cheap booze and what you get is an endless supply of incredible stories. And that’s just the crew. When you add passengers ranging from barefoot racists to Russian high-rollers, the result is a floating hotbed of sex, conflict and mobility scooters.

The Crew’s Ship is a bit like The Office set on a cruise ship, with the weekly guest star bit of Extras, and a touch of the upstairs/downstairs element of Downtown Abbey. Oh, and it’s got the ‘boat’ part of The Love Boat.

The Crew’s Ship can be watched now on YouTube.